Hemp Mentor at 420 events (2018)

Happy 420 Everyone!!

Every 4/20 I enjoy attending 420 events, this year I attended a local 420 event put together by Dj Raw at the very popular vegan restaurant Green Bar Kitchen. The setting was perfect, as it was a sunny day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The vendors were all set up by the time I got there; The booths varied in products available to the public such as CBD edibles/products, Hemp items (soaps, shampoos, foods, etc). I definitely fell in love with some of the products offered, including a rich Terpene Hemp root tonic; The tonic was natural and came in various flavors all containing Hemp, my favorites were the Cacao and Mango. Even though 420 events usually involve Cannabis communities, you can definitely find Hemp Industry leaders as well. 

Dj Raw had the green carpet set up where he interviewed some of the performing guests and artists. I was welcomed by the friendly people and many smiles; Many samples were given out, I was able to try 2 different CBD oils. The CBD oils I tried were Glori Blends and Hemplade’s new line of CBD oils. It was good seeing Yudah, founder of Hemplade at the event; Yudah had a booth lined with people trying his amazing tea and other Hemp products.

As the day turned to night, the event got better and more and more people kept coming. The strong smell of Cannabis was present as the performers owned the stage including Yudah with his single “Hemplade in my cup”. Throughout the event, I kept running into other locals in the Industry such as Samandra the Hippy Hemp Goddess displaying products and Marijuana Doctor helping people get their Medical Cannabis Card. 

Overall, I really appreciated the event and the warm welcoming of the participants. I made connections and learned about other local companies supporting the movement.  After many Hemp samples and great times with friends, it was time to go; I had gotten there at 420 and it was close to 11 pm.  

Im looking forward for more 420 events where I can network and learn more of what’s coming toward the industry. It’s important to connect you why with your position in the industry, you can read about my experience and how I got started here. If you want to read about me first tradeshow with Hemp Mentor, click here. 

Signing off, comment below what you want to learn or see on the channel. Happy 420 🙂

With gratitude,

Hemp Mentor

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