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How Hemp CBD got me in the Cannabis Industry

Ever wanted to get in the Cannabis Industry?? To some, it’s a dream come true.

Below I go over how I stumbled across the industry and fell in love with it; If you ever considered getting in the Industry, then the time is Now.

I started HempMentor as a newsletter knowledge base where people could go and learn cool facts about the history of Hemp & Cannabis.

The goal was to relate history to current events such as the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s; The point of this controversial approach was to break stigmas and inform others the difference between Hemp and Cannabis as well as provide them with a reputable Hemp CBD oil company.

CBD oil is a game changer and can change your life.

What I found while doing research

While doing research, I found something that made me question everything; The fact was that there was a time that U.S.

Farmers would get fined if they did not grow Hemp. 

In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released an educational video for farmers in 1942 about what Hemp is, how you can grow it and a few items that can be made from the crops.

Hemp For Victory (1942)

After seeing the video and mining deeper in the History of Hemp, I realized why this plant was such a huge threat to other existing big industries such as oil, plastics, nylon, steel, cotton, and many more industries.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors even launched a car that was made using Hemp and the car ran on Hemp-biofuel.

Hemp was literally about to supply most of the country’s goods which would have made sense during the U.S. economy at the time with WW2.

Elephant in the Room

With Hemp being such a huge threat to these existing industries, greed was overpowered and a new campaign was launched bashing this “New Drug” called “Marijuana”; Their goal was to change the name of Cannabis to Marijuana and say that this drug was coming from Mexico.

There was false news published saying that Marijuana was “the devil’s herb” creating massive overdoses and people physically hurting others after ingesting the herb.

There was even a film called Reefer Madness which showed how dangerous this Marijuana drug was. 

The campaign worked and Marijuana (Cannabis) was outlawed and with it Hemp.

Why? Well, it was said that both plants look so similar that they didn’t want authorities not knowing the difference between both so it’s best to outlaw them both.

Another reason would be that Cannabis and Hemp come originally from the same plant family called Cannabaceae.

Their goal was accomplished and farmers would not be able to grow the crops nor would their businesses be threatened.

Reefer Madness ORIGINAL TRAILER - 1936 (Not the full film)

“I gotta do something about it”

I found that history was repeating itself in the Hemp & Cannabis industry and a major opponent of this “Green Rush” is ignorance and greed.

I realized working in the Hemp CBD industry under a very reputable company; How big this negative stigma affected people’s mindset of the industry.

I find it interesting that even today people don’t know what the difference between Hemp & Cannabis. Cannabis produces Marijuana which usually contains high levels of THC, THC causes the euphoric high feeling.

Hemp mostly produces CBD oil which does not create a euphoric or high feeling, many other things can be made from shirts all the way to Hemp-Crete houses and more.

To continue my story; I then started an email campaign for the company, intentionally spreading value and knowledge to its recipients.

There is always major moves in the industry, which people needed to be aware of. I would send people the latest news back when Hemp CBD was still new in 2015-2016.

With the majority of email recipients being smokeshops, a lot of them would give that info to their walk-in customers as well as place orders with us.

It was really cool educating and selling online, a lot of people would share their testimonials with us. 


At the time there was someone working for a local hospital who referred the Hemp CBD company to the patient’s mom.

It was new and shocking to us as a company at the time of a hospital and doctors reaching out.

The co-founder of the company spoke with the patient’s mother and his doctors.

The patient, EJ was having seizures due to a tumor on his brain and his mom Jenny had heard of the benefits of Hemp CBD oil.

EJ was 4 years old and the hospital did not know how else to help the child without harming him with the strong pharmaceuticals.

The company was able to help the child by providing Hemp CBD oil to the mother for him.

The changes were drastic… the young boy went from living with seizures to having a normal life, with a huge drop in seizures.

The boy went from wearing a helmet and restricted in his actions to playing with other kids and taking trips to Disney with his family in just 2 years later.

Jenny would give EJ the Hemp CBD oil and his medications and she saw the difference that CBD oil made in a very short time; Cannabis was introduced later after seeing results from CBD.

How Hemp Improved EJ's Life 🌱💚 (2017)

Creating a Movement

After seeing so many success stories regarding Hemp CBD oil helping others, I knew I had to create a larger impact.

I saw a wave and the fact that I was only working with Hemp CBD oil,  I thought all the other possibilities that no one was talking about.

As I type there are people making Hemp-based cars, plastics, planes, houses and more.

The birth of HempMentor was now in its process with the goal behind HempMentor is to impact others with knowledge.

Knowledge decreases ignorance.

It all starts with awareness.

Giving people insight on the industry and what benefits they are missing out on by not using it can break the stigma; This insight also includes how Cannabis is different and the benefits it provides.

Such could be like informing a bodybuilder on the benefits of Hemp protein and it’s amino properties plus omegas and how him not using it will not give him the best results.

This was a very rough example but it gets to my point.

Personally me I use my social media to promote whatever products I use and believe in; Story viewers will then message me with questions.

A perfect example was me using CBD as a post-workout recovery, all it was me taking a pic of my Hemp CBD oil bottle next to weights after a workout; This peeked viewers curiosity to message me and also encourage them to try it for themselves, this is 1 way I promote Hemp using social media.

Here’s the reality, we don’t need to be building Hemp planes or cars in order to help reverse some of the damages done onto the atmosphere; Sure Hemp industrial goods will help reverse our carbon footprint and so will daily use of Hemp.

Let me explain, daily consumption such as Hemp CBD oil supplements, shampoos, soaps, fuel, foods, protein and overall daily consumption we then promote for its use growth creating more Acres of Hemp fields.

Naturally, Hemp consumes 4x more carbon than any other plant; This would mean that 1 acre of Hemp-farm equals 4 acres of forest land.

Using this knowledge to our advantage we can really make a difference in reversing our carbon footprint.

I’m all for creating industrial Hemp-based goods and I believe it will significantly increase the demands.

Even then, we as consumers have a choice when we buy our goods; Incorporating Hemp in our daily consumption I believe is the most effective way to promote its growth and benefiting from its properties.

The easiest way to do this is with health or supplement products such as shampoos, protein, seeds etc.

If you take anti-inflammatory medications, you can incorporate Hemp seeds and oils into your diet and benefit from the rich omegas, aminos, and anti-inflammatory properties; Another example is buying or making Hemp CBD oil capsules for omegas.

Why Hemp?

I want you to imagine a plant with abundant properties such as to give you health, clothing, oxygen, muscle, energy, healing properties, and even shelter; This is what this plant can do for us when used to its full potential.

We can literally live off this 1 plant for most of our essential needs.

Just replacing how we use fuel today with Hemp-based biofuel will make a huge difference in how we hand the world to our future generation.

Remember Hemp is not Marijuana; I believe Hemp will be bigger than Marijuana or Cannabis, due to its abundant uses.

In my experience, there is no other plant or material that is durable and so cheap to grow while cleaning and nourishing the soil and air where it grows; That’s not to mention that the actual plant will soon be a commodity with trades and equities as well as crop insurance, this all as legality takes place.

This crop has the ability to make massive profits and clean the grounds and air at the same time; When we consume it our bodies get stronger and healthier an example of this is getting omegas with Hemp CBD oil.

If you use it for farm feed, then your animals can be healthier.

I can see corn farming being irrelevant and obsolete if we can just grow Hemp for so many abundant uses.

What about Cannabis?

Cannabis also plays a huge role in our lives, especially if you understand the benefits that this plant brings to our daily lives.

Whether you are for or against Cannabis, the medical research and benefits of the plant are public.

Cannabis provides an abundant amount of benefits to our bodies and it’s one of the oldest medicines of all time with references in ancient scriptures; Some even say that Cannabis was referenced in the Bible under a different name and also played a huge role for religious purposes.

Today Cannabis is a hot trending market as more states let their residents use it for medical purposes; Some states are completely friendly and are legal for recreational purposes.

I can see Cannabis disrupting many industries such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, liquor and other social settings or services such as hospitality services, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters etc.

In my experience in the industry with both plant concentrations, CBD and THC, they both help in different ways.

To keep it simple, CBD provides the medicinal benefits of Cannabis without a high while THC creates the high effects known in Cannabis.

Both THC and CBD work with different neuro-receptors in our endo-cannabinoid system which helps us live a healthy life.

This is crucial especially for those who take pharmaceuticals with secondary effects; I have spoken to many Medical Marijuana patients who claim to get their life back with the help of Marijuana products because they can let go of their pharmaceuticals and can be more of themselves while finding relief.

Others are looking for quick relief like soreness from working out or daily stress.

Hemp CBD oil and Cannabis CBD oil are different due to THC and other Cannabinoids concentration found per plant.

Knowing the good that comes from my actions in the industry is what keeps me going; I’ve had many setbacks yet nothing beats when my actions help someone find relief a solution while creating a greener planet.

It’s a vision of legacy where I can make this planet a better place with my actions and efforts.

I understand the power of consumption and it’s a reason I consume Hemp and encourage others to do so as well; In addition would be the benefits it has to Earth and our bodies.

It makes perfect sense to get in the Hemp industry with its amazing promises.

I bought into the vision of changing the world with Hemp after doing my research and to be honest I got in the industry because I thought it was something cool, this was in January 2015.

Before that point, I was completely ignorant about this whole industry and was even against Cannabis.

I realized months later after getting started with CBD, the dogma that I had bought into on how this industry was viewed.

I’m not the only one and if you are against this industry then I encourage you to do your research…

To make it short and simple, the more Hemp we consume, the better the planet and our lives.

We will also be able to enjoy the health benefits we would get for using Hemp-based products daily.

I would recommend some Hemp CBD oil, shampoo, seeds and foods to start.

I hope you guys enjoy the content, please comment below your feedback and questions about the Hemp industry 🙂

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