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Hemp can literally reverse the current environmental damages if we as consumers use Hemp properly.

Hemp uses include fuel, super-foods, farm-feed, synthetic-concrete, oils, medicine, protein, and the list goes on to around 25,000 hemp uses.

The mission at Hemp Mentor is to educate and create leaders to take the message to the masses, Hemp is real and it can change how we live today and for future generations.

The Hemp Paradigm Shift

We the people are becoming more aware of Hemp and the benefits it has to our bodies and Earth; As we consume it we are empowering the movement and fueling our bodies with superfoods.

The old stigma of Hemp being or having the same effects of Cannabis is fading away, still it is very much alive.

When we consume Hemp and feel the effects, we will want to share the results and this breaks the stigma.

When people that trust you see the results you are getting it will question their beliefs and they may realize that they are missing out.

It’s important to share our consumption of Hemp and educate on our Hemp uses to reinforce that broken stigma.