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Hemp Entrepreneurship

I never thought I would be involved in the Hemp industry; I accidentally bumped into the opportunity that changed everything and I became a CBD Hemp oil entrepreneur.

In a short time, I learned a lot of industry and business fundamentals which helped me overcome the entry barrier and create my Hemp brand.

I will break down for you below how you can take the shortcut and not have to go through a lot of the pain points I went through in being part of the Hemp entrepreneurship trend.

How to get started in the Hemp Industry 2018 (ebook video follow-up)

The Hemp Entrepreneur

How to become a leader in the Hemp entrepreneurship game? The answer is quite simple… Start learning by getting in a position with an up an coming company and create your positioning while growing your network. Easier said than done…

The Hemp and Cannabis industry has lots of opportunities open for innovators and overall entrepreneurship as well as corporate job positions.

This industry is so new that each year involved accounts for around 7 years of experience and it’s a sign of the emerging market growing more per day.

This is a huge advantage for us and our goal is to stand out from the crowd, this can be due to past experience in the industry, knowledge, network and/or grind; The trick is to figure out which you currently have or are best and use it as our strength.

Like I mentioned in the ebook and on the review video, always keep it professional and keep your word; These 2 things will separate you from all the noise.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader in the Hemp entrepreneurship game??

Hemp entrepreneurship and Cannabis leaf

Surrounding yourself with good people is also crucial, I typically turn down most people who approach me so I can say yes to the best opportunities; become a selective Hemp entrepreneur.

I buy into the people and their track-record first and then into the opportunity, this is how turning down most people became easy for me; I see the opportunity as my bait while only seeking good people I can do business with.

When you associate with good people especially in this industry, you’re less likely to get burned… This entrepreneurship game can be tricky, don’t let other Hemp entities burn you!

If one associates you with a shady group of people in the industry and they do unethical actions like inflating public stock shares, even if you’re not involved it still may affect you in the public eye.

I’ve seen this with small otc pink stocks, trying to get public attention by linking with a reputable Cannabis company on a newsletter and telling the public to buy; While the stock rises the same people who released the articles sell because they understand that they are promoting the stock.

Eventually, the people involved in these actions become burned as people start to find out, sometimes influencers or brands spotlight these unethical actions putting the people involved on blast.

Create a good tribe and stay away from shady people.

To be a top Hemp entrepreneur you must keep it professional.

If Cannabis is illegal where you are located then retrain in direct contact with it. Instead, you can build some Cannabis pages or get involved with Norml and awareness groups.

Keep an eye on Hemp legalization as it may become legally federally soon, more on this here.

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