Congress votes to Legalize Hemp under the Farm Bill
Congress Voted for Hemp Legalization (July 2018)

I am really excited about what’s been happening with Hemp lately, especially the updated Farm bill.

I believe today there are more supporters and awareness around the space to the point that Congress voted for Hemp legalization.

This is huge…

What is the Farm Bill?

The Farm Bill will allow U.S. Farmers to grow Hemp legally and add Hemp as a commodity; This will allow the U.S. to produce and sell Hemp goods legally.

If the president signs this updated Farm Bill, we will be able to grow Hemp more freely while operating under the Department of Agriculture.

What’s to come?

The 2018 Farm Bill will drop significantly the cost of raw Hemp goods and create more space for entrepreneurs to get into the Hemp Industry.

I urge you to vote for Hemp Legalization; There are parties that are opposing Hemp such as Sen. Charles Grassley who also opposes Cannabis.

Gratefully Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell is on our side and sees the possibilities that Hemp can do for our nation and the World.

Senator Mitch brought Hemp CBD products when sharing his point on Hemp Legalization on Hemp Bill, he shared the potential Hemp has as 25,000 products can be made from this crop.

Also under the new Farm Bill, we can legally grow and extract Hemp CBD oil products (with THC under .03%) inside the U.S.; This is a huge update compared to the 2014 Farm Bill which was directed more for the importation of Hemp products from outside the U.S (not legal advice, consult with your attorney).

This alone will increase U.S. economy to new heights as we grow, produce and sell Hemp goods (more here).

Political Shift

Many senators have jumped on supporting Hemp, especially when the history of Hemp was brought into the conversation.

This is exciting as more and more people in politics are doing their research on Hemp and it’s history.

Kentucky is one of the states pushing the hardest for the Hemp movement with laws encouraging the farmers to grow.

Sen. Mitch also added into the Farm Bill that Hemp should have agricultural insurance protecting farmers from natural disasters such as floods, this is a push to help farmers grow this healthy and profitable plant.

Now we just need the Farm Bill to be signed by President Trump.

Hemp legalization on the Farm Bill will open up many doors for the benefits of Hemp Market, it’s up to us the people to encourage these senators to push this Industry forward.

Updated Feb 2019

As you may already know Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill making history in legalizing Hemp Federally!

Now each state needs to align with the Department of Agriculture over regulations.

Overall it seems that CBD with THC below .3% is safe legally to consume and produce; Transportation between state to state seems to be legally Federally yet some states are stricter than others.

This has been a huge step forward since before to legally sell CBD goods one needed to get CBD oil from outside U.S. and import to the U.S.

A lot of times packages would get lost or even held by customs due to their suspicion of substance.

Brief History

Imagine being the CBD manufacturer and your business relied on that CBD package held, now your customers can’t get their products.

This, in fact, was 1 of the reasons many CBD companies quit or went broke in the process.

Then GMP (good manufacturing practice) Hemp CBD manufactures from outside the U.S. started to become available, this met that the substance was already pre-approved and should pass by customs.

This created opportunity for large Hemp CBD manufactures or someone with capital to buy on contract kilos of CBD and resell to smaller companies or even manipulate smaller markets; This was the first time I realized that CBD itself was a commodity.

Most smaller companies ended up sourcing from legal states even though it was illegal to cross state lines, even if it was Hemp with under .3% THC.

The concept of just starting a “supplement” company and bringing in CBD oil from Colorado or other legal states and creating products spread.

This left the larger CBD manufactures or brokers to drop their pricing to keep market prices and sell; In a way, it was a black-market that took the excess profits away from the guys trying to manipulate this new market.

Some of the best CBD oil companies in the market were technically illegal… literally the wild wild west.

All this noise encouraged us the people and senators like Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell to push the new Farm Bill to legalize Hemp forward towards the president’s desk. 

Today all those Hemp companies that were or are sourcing CBD oil goods from inside the U.S. and their consumers are now more protected under Farm Bill. 

Still, this is all so very new and a lot of the people who even pushed it forward have questions on how it’s all going to work.

There’s also the big elephant in the room, more and more countries are legalizing Cannabis such as Mexico and Canada; Additionally, half U.S. states have legalized Cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

So the big question is:

When will Cannabis be Federally Legal in the U.S.?” 


 With all that’s happening it’s safe to say that U.S. Federal legalization is closer than ever, it’s crazy because Cannabis has only been illegal for 1% of humanity. 

 I know that there has been funded research recently such as if Cannabis impairs driving plus it makes no sense the crazy laws individually by state due to federal scheduling. 

There’s been such a mess due to legality that now fixing it all its naturally going to take time to get everything perfect; The overall outcome does seem to be that legalization of Cannabis is around the corner. 

Even the United Nations agrees that Cannabis should be legalized, this all puts the U.S. on the hot seat, especially with enormous size and need for the legal Cannabis marketplace. 

2018 was huge for Hemp CBD and overall Cannabis legalization, I really think this year the U.S. will have a more of a clear idea on how taxes and regulation would play, then legalize Cannabis Federally. 

The benefits of Hemp are clear in helping our environment and our diets; As for Cannabis provide for true great medicine and overall health from sleep to appetite. 





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