I wrote this for you… You can get the Hemp overview video here. I wrote this with the mindset that it would help newbies get their foot in the door to the Hemp / Marijuana or Cannabis industry, here’s your mentor guide.

In my experience working with these plants, I have discovered fulfillment in knowing that my energy is going towards empowering this Hemp movement.

I have directly and indirectly helped others improve their health with Hemp & Cannabis; I always got a fulfilling feeling when I got success stories from distribution-accounts, media-channels, in-person, etc.

How to get started in the Hemp Industry 2018 (ebook video follow-up)

My experience simplified for you…

While working as an independent sales rep for a very well known Hemp CBD company, I knew I had to impact more people.

My goal with this ebook and my channel is to create leaders and grow this movement together; This is all about a vision where these plants are incorporated into our daily lives, if you’re still with me then keep reading.  

I’m very passionate about Hemp & Cannabis because I believe these plants can change the world in their own way, this lead me to mentor.

Hemp can better the way we live day-to-day, improving our health while cleaning the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Cannabis has been known to heal and as preventative medicine since the B.C. era; There is even research that Cannabis was referred to in the Bible under a different name.

Also, there are Hieroglyphics with what seems to be a Cannabis or Hemp leaf on ancient pyramids; Ancient Egyptians used Cannabis & Hemp for health and industrial purposes.

Today, Cannabis is medical and recreationally available in many areas and the market keeps growing per day.

Hemp is still used today for health, nutritional and agricultural purposes such as construction with Hempcrete.

Hemp can be extremely cheap to source and very durable; Hemp is also a Superfood with Omegas, Protein, Fiber and more.

Here’s the thing…

I’m currently writing this as I go through my journey in the industry, I don’t have all the answers BUT I may be able to point you in the right direction.

You see, this industry is so large that all you need is to be an expert in 1 topic.

This can be Cannabinoids, Cannabis-Strains, Mentor Programs, Hemp Manufacturing, Growing, Marketing, and the list goes on.

I have implemented the steps provided (some modified) and it’s how I got started; These steps worked for me and yes it took effort, time and energy.

If you are ready to put in what it takes then keep on reading.

Being part of the Cannabis industry is what so many of us dream of, yet there are the ones who make it happen.

Which are you??

If have any questions I can be contacted at [email protected]

Endo-Cannabinoid System

Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp leaf growing on head

Cannabis has been used as medicine since the caveman era.

More and more studies are showing the benefits Cannabinoids has on our bodies.

Humans and certain animals have an “EndoCannabinoid System (ECS)”.

ECS protects the body by feeding our CB1 & CB2 receptors; These receptors are triggered when we consume Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, THCA, THCV, CBN, CBG, CBDA, Terps, etc.

Entourage Effect

When more than one Cannabinoid is consumed at once, it triggers what’s called the “Entourage Effect”.

The Entourage Effect is said to be the best way to intake Cannabinoids rather than individually.

For example, the Cannabis flower Marijuana can contain 100+ different Cannabinoids; When Marijuana is consumed, the effects of all present Cannabinoids work with each other creating the Entourage Effect; Consuming Cannabinoids this way is said to work best than just consuming a single Cannabinoid like CBD or THCA Isolate.

This is the reason “Full-Spectrum” oils and concentrates tend to work best.

Terpenes “Terps”

“Terpenes” or “Terps” are another form of Cannabinoid which is widely available in different plants and heavily present in Marijuana flower.

Basically, Terps are the smell and taste of the fruit or flower; This includes Pinecones, Mangoes, Oranges, etc.

The reason Marijuana smells so strong and different by strain is all due to its Terpene profile.

Terps are known to increase the effects of other present Cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.

An example of this can be seen or experienced in the Mango theory; Basically, Mangoes eaten before consuming Marijuana are said to increase the effects of the Cannabinoids, this is due to the Terpene profile in Mangoes. Ask your Cannabis mentor about terps, they are amazing. 

Entrepreneur or Employee?

Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis Industry law scale

The 3 steps below can be implemented as a ganja entrepreneur or employee.

Let me be clear, my goal is to create entrepreneurs to empower and mentor in this Cannabis industry; I can also see groups of people that temporary or long-term, want a job in the Cannabis industry.

If you don’t know much about the Cannabis industry or lack experience and want to learn hands-on, a job in the industry could be a great fit.

Let’s say you want to learn how dispensaries work, you can easily get a position there and learn.

This varies depending on what position you work and your daily tasks.

If you plan to open a dispensary in the future then working inside a dispensary in the same state may not be a good idea; It’s important to read and review all paperwork such as non-competes before signing, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

How I got my foot in the Hemp Industry

I got my foot in the Cannabis industry and learned by doing sales for a Hemp CBD company.

As a sales rep at the time, I needed to know what I was selling and its origins. In a very short amount of time, I learned the basics and was educating my clients.

This one step got me in the Hemp industry and gave me the advantage of hands-on experience.

I became fluent in my knowledge about ganja industry subjects such as extractions, consistencies, Cannabinoids and more; It was like speaking a new language which became extremely useful when speaking to other Marijuana industry professionals.

More on my story and how I got started here.

Today I can talk to experts in the Marijuana industry and I can be confident in my background and knowledge; I can be fluent in deep Cannabinoid conversations with doctors, growers, dispensaries and more Cannabis industry experts / mentors.

As this movement keeps developing, there are many things I yet haven’t learned; Gratefully, Hemp Mentor helps me find experts I can learn from and that I can bring to you.

As I write this, I have multiple pending possibilities involving local and international projects that align with my vision of enrolling leaders and game-changers to the ganja industry.  

Follow and implement these steps and it will separate you from everyone else.

If you take this seriously and implement, you should get results.

Also if you keep it professional in the Marijuana industry, you are already separating yourself from all the noise.

The goal is to be of value and contribution, if you’re committed to putting in what’s required then I welcome you to the tribe.

First 3 Steps to Getting in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry.

Step #1:

Choose which plant you would like to work with, Hemp or Cannabis.

Can you work with both plants? Yes, you can work with both plants Hemp & Cannabis.

Are these plants the same? No, Hemp & Cannabis are not the same plants; They do come from the same family of the plant called “Cannabaceae”.

Hemp is very rich in CBD with THC levels usually under 3%.

Cannabis is extremely rich in THC with levels as high as up to 30% and low CBD levels usually under 1%; There are exceptions, certain strains like ‘ACDC” or “Charlotte’s Web” are the complete opposite containing high CBD and low THC.

High CBD strains have become extremely popular especially for epileptic children.

The topic of epileptic children benefiting from CBD has really pushed the ganja industry wave forward and has opened the topic to where attorneys, doctors, senators, and other leaders are supporting the movement. It’s also crucial to have a Cannabis mentor to cut the learning curve.

Products from Hemp

Hemp rope

Hemp can make over 25,000 different bio-products from Plastics to bio-fuels; In fact, Henry Ford Founder of Ford Motors, made a car using Hemp that ran on Hemp bio-fuels and the car’s body was even stronger than steel.

Today there are Hemp startups everywhere and some will have very bright futures.

Hemp also absorbs huge amounts of carbon in the air while cleaning the soil as well.

In my research, Hemp is the way to go because one can make products that are completely legal such as clothing, rope, plastics, foods, rope and more while Cannabis is mostly used for medicine or recreationally.

You can work with Cannabis in legal, recreational or medical states.

I recommend picking between Cannabis or Hemp and a mentor leading the way because each plant has many uses and each plant is so different than in the beginning, it’s cutting the learning curve.

If you can work with both plants then great, just know these 2 plants each play in a Multi-Billion Dollar Market so there’s definitely space for everyone.

Learning the Industry

Education is key, getting a clear road map of what exactly you intend to do and a mentor in the Cannabis industry is crucial as there are so many angles to go by.

It’s best to have a clear vision of what you’d like to do in the ganja industry long-term and jump towards that side of the business, this is best before jumping to step #2.

If you have no idea what you’d like to do in the Marijuana industry then I do suggest taking time to review this step and make a list of possibilities.

I highly encourage looking into local state laws of where you plan to operate from.

If you just need a job and are passionate about the Cannabis industry then apply or get involved in positions open that gets you around the space and that you can learn from; Look at the job as a paid internship where your goal is to learn, still don’t forget the daily responsibilities of a job and remember, keep it professional.

Step #2:

Get your foot in the door.

The easiest and fastest way to start working in the Marijuana industry is getting your foot in the door.

Whether its a job at a local dispensary or even trimming buds, you just want to get in somehow and then adjust to what you want to do.

This will give you experience and knowledge while you build your green empire on the side.

In addition to the experience and connections that you’ll make, you also indirectly build authority; You see, the average person will see you as an expert in the field.

Being seen as an expert is a great way to build your influence!!

If where you live Hemp & Cannabis are forbidden plants, then you can build a social media page and network with existing accounts in the Cannabis industry.

Doing this can be as simple as an Instagram account with a catchy name like mines “@HempMentor”.

You can re-post content and use hashtags to grow the page (might have a course on this).

If you are skilled in social media & after building your pages up, you can then offer to help other companies grow their following or give them free shoutouts on your page; If you give value first, it should be easier to build your relationships and get your entry.

Remember, if you can separate yourself from everyone else trying to get in the Marijuana industry you’re most likely to succeed and remember, keep it professional.

Positioning in the Industry

Cannabis Industry marketing chart

Landing a job or even an internship may provide hands-on experience making it easier to work with other companies and seek mentors in the Cannabis industry.

Even an internship is enough to separate you from the crowd as you build your experience and can be added to your resume.

The GreenRush is real and having some type of experience will help you stand out from the rest.

A position in the Cannabis industry may also get you around other players in the industry to network and grow your connections plus prospect mentors; You can then collaborate with these connections via your social media pages and attending company Marijuana industry events.

I quickly learned the value of being part of a powerful network and how adding value to it can change everything for the better.

If you put in the time and work, you can build a solid network, even if it’s all inside of social media; For example, messaging different companies and linking them up together for possible business ventures is extremely valuable.

If you can create business or sales between the 2 companies you connected, you then create value to the marketplace and that can get you value back in commissions, a company position or other; Getting the ball moving or momentum is the hardest part in my experience.


Here is a brief example of how this looks like:

#1) Growing an Instagram page to 200+ followers (quality over quantity).

#2) Finding small dispensaries or extraction companies with under 500 followers.

#3) Giving the prospects page-post & story shoutouts and tagging their page on those shoutouts.

#4) If they like, commented or messaged you after the shoutout, then message them and ask if there is something specific they’d like you to post on your page.

#5) Continue growing the relationship and ask how you can be more involved with their mission.

#6) Repeat this process and create your network; Also make sure to delete shoutouts after 72 hours so your page doesn’t look spammy, more than 1 shoutout a day may result in follower lost so be mindful who you choose to promote to your audience and that you can relate to their message. Be extremely mindful on your follower’s experience and also post valuable content for them. 

First step in the Industry

I started in the Cannabis industry working as a commission sales rep, I only got paid when I sold; This gave me knowledge, experience, and network.

After working in the company I found a gap that I intended to fill and Hemp Mentor was born.

I would have never had the background knowledge and foundation I have today if I didn’t take on that commission sales position.

Today I can very confidently talk to doctors, scientists, growers or other ganja industry professionals and be confident in my knowledge; This separates me from all the Marijuana industry noise.

Getting a sales position in a Cannabis or Hemp company is also a great way to quickly build your knowledge base; If the position is commission based, it can have pressure yet it’s great as it puts you in the position to learn and educate your prospects.

Additionally, commission based sales are the #1 position available in my experience and it’s one of the best ways to be recruited and recognized quickly.

Step #3:

Just get out there…

The big boom is here and it’s changing everything…

If you are really serious about getting involved, then do it. It doesn’t matter if you live in a prohibited area, you can still do something about it legally.

You can check if there are any  “NORML” groups in your area or other similar Cannabis/Hemp friendly circles to network with; meetup.com and eventbrite.com may also be great resources for Cannabis & Hemp related groups, great for seeking mentors.

The goal is to get around the space LEGALLY and look for possibilities by networking with others.

Like I mentioned multiple times, I suggest keeping it professional when attending these events and with the intention to add value and network.

I personally attend a wide range of events from smoke-outs to professional tradeshows; I have always found more value attending tradeshows such as Champs Trade Show.

How can I stand out in the Cannabis Industry?

Again let’s ask ourselves, how can we stand out? In an example like Champs, I think it’s safe to say that a couple thousand people attend over a weekend; Out of all those people, how can we stand out?

Well, I mentioned before the value of creating a social media page related to the Cannabis industry; Assuming you did this, now you can promote your Social Media page at the event for almost Free.

Your expenses are the event entry and your branded shirts.

Here’s one way this looks with a giveaway:

#1) Create an Instagram account name; Mines is @HempMentor.

#2) Create a custom design for your shirt. Make sure your design has your Instagram account, clear and very visible. In smaller letters put something like this “Follow @HempMentor on Instagram for your chance to win a Free Shoutout, 1 winner per day”. You would choose who you’d like to give the shoutout to. You can draft your design on canva.com and download it all free; Canva is easy to use, there are also tutorials on Youtube. You can also hire a freelancer on fiverr.com or upwork.com.

#3) Create an account on vistaprint.com and upload your design from Canva on shirts or hoodies to create your own merchandise. Vistaprint lets you create your own custom branded merch such as shirts and many other items; Simple shirts and hoodies are enough to promote your brand in and outside of tradeshows.

#4) Order your merchandise and wear them at tradeshows or events. You can also create shirts without the giveaway theme so you can wear it anywhere as your branded shirts; Imagine promoting your brand or social network daily and people asking you about it, that’s what this is for. People will eventually identify you with your brand or page.

#5) Next, you want to get pictures and small clips with the companies you’re networking with at these events; Small, few second long videos where you feature a product you like on your channel with a sales rep talking about the product is gold. Again make sure your shirt clearly says your brand or Instagram page. Also only take the time to create content with companies you would like your page to be associated with.

#6) You’re now going to post on your Instagram the images and video clips with these companies and representatives you met at the shows. It’s important to get the rep and company’s Instagram in person so you can tag them each on your posts and stories after the event. You want to get their attention so they can follow you and build up the relationship from there. You want to do this first with the companies you can most relate with or want to work with; The ones that do respond, you can approach them with value and earn your way to a business transaction or a job position.

Additional Notes

I will say this now and it’s Crucial that you remember, the Cannabis industry is extremely shady; If you can be your word and authentic, you are already ahead of the curve. The same integrity is needed from your Cannabis mentor.

Still, always have an eye out and be very diligent with who you work with; Don’t be frightened to ask questions when unclear or doing your research prior.

If there are no Marijuana industry-friendly communities where you’re located, then you can create one.

In the U.S. there is freedom of speech and you have a voice; You can also create or join groups on Facebook and network there. 

Again, this is where social media can be so valuable to reach people/prospect mentors in the Hemp and Cannabis industry outside your area.

Think of ways you know you can add value to players or companies in the Marijuana industry and set time in your calendar to do so; After adding value, it should be easier to ask for the value you seek.

Self Educating 

I saw myself educating and being valuable in the marketplace and today I do just that.

My first step in the Cannabis industry was just getting in, then learning and taking steps to create my tribe; You are reading this today based on those baby steps I took with Hemp.

This was all a big idea broken down into steps and consistency, you can do the same. If you really are committed to making your vision happen, then you will; Start with small steps and scale. 

Also researching entrepreneurs and companies in the Marijuana industry may also be very useful.

You can look at people such as Big Mike, founder of Advanced Nutrients.

Mike with his plant nutrition company plays a huge role in the Cannabis industry while his business not having to deal with either plant directly.

You see Mike’s company sells the plant nutrients that growers buy.

Another example is growing lights or equipment; Grow lights and hydroponics are a huge part of the pipeline in the ganja industry and both are 100% legal to sell and buy.

You can create a similar concept and offer it to the Marijuana industry.

Because you read this far… Here’s a Bonus just for you!

Assuming you have already started implementing these steps or seeking your new steps, this is just for you.

I really appreciate your interest in getting involved in the Marijuana industry, I seek to create ganja leaders with my content and that could be you…

I created a follow-up video for you which I go over where more or less you should be after starting to implement these previous 3 steps and what can be your next steps.

I also talk about additional possibilities that I didn’t include in this ebook and that you can start implementing right away; You can get your foot in the Marijuana industry today before the markets get over saturated.

Don’t miss out on this Multi-Billion Dollar Market… 

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