Hemp Mentor eats Baby Hemp Salad from JD Farms

I previously vlogged and wrote my experience with baby Hemp salads at Seed Food and Wine.

I talked about how I went to Whole Foods and was legally able to buy Hemp salads.

I was very impressed how they got around putting the new baby Hemp salad line in the refrigerated shelf in Whole Foods.

The baby Hemp was grown in New York and shipped to Miami; When I walked up to the salad shelf and saw it, I was speechless.

The package said “Kale + Baby Hemp”; Looking through the package, I can see the Hemp leaves which look very similar to Cannabis leaves.

I grabbed 2 boxes and paid the cashier.

The Festival

I went out the famous vegan festival where Hemp Mentor had a booth. Originally, I wanted to decorate the booth with some Hemp leaves but the leaves would crumble up being they weren’t refrigerated.

I decided it wasn’t the best idea to use it for decorating the booth with them so I saved the baby Hemp leaves for later.

After the event, I sampled more of the salad, I had eaten some while setting up for the event but now with the event complete, I get to incorporate it into a meal.

By the time I got home to eat, some of the salad was brown due to no refrigeration at the event; Yet the good parts of the salad were very delicious.

The distinct flavor of Hemp / Cannabis were very present and there were even tiny baby Hemp buds which looked just like premature Marijuana.

I was pretty taken back by the flavor which I personally love and knowing that I was legally eating Hemp plants which is extremely healthy was a game changer for me.

Sure, I’ve had many other foods and health products from Hemp before such as CBD, granola, tea, protein and more; The fact that these were the raw Hemp plants, was what excited me the most to eat them.

At one point, I was even considering separating the Hemp plants that looked best and giving them out to people in South Beach, maybe even cops since I wasn’t breaking the law; I might do this in the future but that’s a whole other conversation.

The benefits of Hemp, especially raw and unheated are tremendous.

Hemp is a Superfood filled with Protein, Omegas, Fiber and many other important nutrients that fuel the body.

I won’t make claims on the medical effects of Hemp here, there are many studies that show the benefits of Hemp and what it does to our bodies.

Many studies claim Hemp foods to help with energy, complete-nutrition, anti-inflammatory, pain-relief and more.

Plus, Hemp provides an anti-carbon footprint which means the more we plant and eat Hemp, the healthier the Earth.

I can tell you from my experience that every time I eat Hemp my body feels better and I feel better as I do my part to make the World a better place.


Finally, after falling in love with the Hemp Salads, I could not find any more.

Yes, the baby Hemp salads were removed from the Salad shelves at Whole Foods.

I was very disappointed as I had been spreading the word about it and wanted more.

So I called the Farm in New York that was growing the Hemp and they informed me that they were going through regulations and that currently they were not growing nor shipping Hemp until they get through all the hurdles.

This really upset me and I do realize that they are playing by the rules which is important.

I was upset that regulations and policies are so behind that they prevent new businesses to grow.

I am grateful to see that the overall picture is showing up and we the people are pushing this Industry forward even with some of the outdated laws and policies present today.

Let’s keep this Industry booming, you have my support!!


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