The Journey

Story behind Hemp Mentor,

Working under a reputable Hemp CBD company, I started to learn the CBD market in January 2015.

The whole Cannabis and Hemp industry was all very new to me, especially CBD; I honestly did not even know how to explain to our buyers in the smoke & vape shop space what I was selling.

One of the co-founders of the company I worked under taugh me what he knew and I got better; you see back then educational research on CBD was very limited, no one really knew about it since the market was so new.

Multiple times I was kicked out of places because the shops I talked to believed I was selling Cannabis goods; I felt bad for one particular place because it was a rehab center and their patients would have really benefitted for the products I was offering the center.

After sometime understanding, selling and believing in CBD I saw where CBD played a major role in health, especially when clients would share testimonials specifically seizures and recovery.

I became a CBD expert, yet I was still not seeing the bigger picture with Hemp… the next steps put me in a completely different direction.

The Shift (Hemp Marketer)

I then started an email marketing campaign to spread knowledge on CBD and capture potential wholesale clients; This experiment led to impacting tens of thousands.

The email campaigns started to create lead generation and online affiliate sales for the CBD company which I was able to monetize; This gave me the opportunity to scale this online revenue stream and get off the phone / in-person sales.

I doubled down and scaled other online experiments such as working on my social media channels which caused me to become a complete nerd with the online marketing world.


Seeing CBD help so many people was great and inspired me greatly; The feeling of others getting better became an addiction, even complete strangers would walk in the office to share their story.

One story really stood out to me, I mean this little boy was pure innocence; A local hospital referred us their patient as a last alternative.

The patient was around 4 years old and the hospital did not know how else to help the child without harming him with the strong pharmaceuticals.

The company was able to help the child by providing CBD to his mother for him and consulting her through the process.

The changes were drastic and the doctors were left astonished with the child’s improvement.

The young boy went from living with seizures to having a normal life, with very minimal seizures; The boy was able to be himself without all the  pharmaceuticals he was taking before.

The boy went from wearing a helmet and restricted in his actions to playing with other kids and taking trips to Disney with his family.

This boy became such an inspiration to me and many others.

After seeing so many success stories regarding CBD helping others, I knew I had to create a larger impact.

The birth of Hemp Mentor was now in its process eventually becoming the brand it is today.

The Mission…

Our mission is to create leaders that empower and innovate the Hemp industry.

The reality is that this planet we call home is not getting cleaner neither is what we call “medicine”; Hemp has the potential to change it all. 

Hemp can literally save the world.

This is the reason we’ve made it our mission to empower and guide entrepreneurs who want to be part of the Hemp Movement.

The more we empower the Hemp market, the cleaner our Earth.

We truly believe that Hemp Entrepreneurs are keys to a better World.

Why Entrepreneurs?

Well, I can’t think of a way that would create more impact.

Entrepreneurs change the world via innovation; Just look at Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, each of them changed the world in their own way.

Hemp can replace petroleum-oil, plastics, rubber, paper, concrete and many more industries; All this while absorbing 4-times more carbon than regular trees.

So combining Hemp and Entrepreneurship can be the recipe to a cleaner Earth; A home we can leave to our children and future generations to come.

Hemp is our Legacy.

What’s Yours?

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