Story behind Hemp Mentor,

Working under a reputable Hemp CBD company, I started to learn the CBD market.

The Cannabis industry was all very new to me, especially CBD.

After sometime selling CBD and using it I did see where CBD played a role in health, especially when clients would share testimonials.

I became a CBD expert, yet I was still not seeing the bigger picture with Hemp…

The Shift (Hemp Entrepreneurs)

I then started an email campaign to spread knowledge on CBD and capture clients.

At the time there was someone from a hospital who referred us their patient.

The patient was around 4 years old and the hospital did not know how else to help the child without harming him with the strong pharmaceuticals.

We were able to help the child providing CBD to the mother for him.

The changes were drastic, the young boy went from living with seizures to having a normal life, with very minimum seizures.

The boy went from wearing a helmet and restricted in his actions to playing with other kids and taking trips to Disney with his family.

After seeing so many success stories regarding CBD helping others, I knew I had to create a larger impact.

The birth of Hemp Mentor was now in its process eventually becoming the brand it is today.

The Mission…

Our mission is to create entrepreneurs that empower and innovate the Hemp industry.

Hemp can literally save the world and its that same reason we’ve made it our mission to empower and guide entrepreneurs who want to be part of the Hemp Movement.

The more we empower the Hemp market, the cleaner our Earth.

We truly believe that Hemp Entrepreneurs are keys to a better World.

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