Hemp Mentor eating Hemp Salad.
Hemp Mentor opens Hemp Salad 🍁 (2017)

It’s Nov 3, 2017 at Seed Food & Wine Festival and Hemp Mentor has a booth selling CBD Products and eating Hemp Salad.

I remember weeks prior talking to Heidi Handford and she mentioned a friend of hers told her about Wholefoods selling blended Baby Hemp Salad so she made a vlog about it.

Fast forward it’s the Saturday of the famous vegan festival which runs for the full weekend.  

I wake up early and head over to WholeFoods to get the Hemp Salad which I only found 3 packages left.

I was surprised when I saw it, some of the leaves were getting dark from age and the box said “Baby Hemp + Kale Salad”.

I was so excited because I honestly wasn’t sure how they legally got it into Wholefoods in Miami and I really wanted to try the Hemp Salad.

The leaves looked like Cannabis leaves, there were even little Hemp buds growing.

Setting Up

Finally, I get to the event and I’m setting up my booth; You can find me with Hemp CBD, Hemplade and info for Medical Marijuana Cards.

I finished setting up the booth around 8 am, this included designing and product display.

I had gotten the booth last minute so I really wasn’t prepared for the event, I just jumped in.

My designs where all posters and pamphlets taped and handed out; I also had products displayed where prospects can buy right then and there.

May, the founder of Joint Movement helped me tremendously as the event opened.

Hemp Salad Setup

When I opened the Hemp Salad I was quickly disappointed; Originally I had bought it to spread the leaves on the table as a final touch on the design.

Unfortunately, the leaves were met to be refrigerated and crumbled up when left out on the booth table.

I showed some people that were curious the salad and ended up eating half of it while the rest got bad; The Hemp salad had a similar taste to Marijuana.

The overall event was great and I was able to network and talk to curious booth visitors about the Hemp movement.

After a few hours working the booth, I walked around the event while May took over and visited the other vendors.

By this time my nephews had come by and we went booth to booth trying the most delicious vegan foods around.

I even ran into Doctor Michelle Winer.

A few hours later we packed up the booth and I went to visit other booths that were packing up.

I met Erik from Shamanic Tonic who hooked me up with a bunch of samples; We even talked about creating a CBD tonic.

I loved the event and the people who participated.

Read about 420 event in Fort Lauderdale here.

Hemp Mentor


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