Hemp uses are endless

 I’ve been lied to my whole life…

I somehow made the common confusion of Hemp and Cannabis being the same plant and having the same effects.

What a lie that is…

If you don’t already know the difference, Hemp does create high or euphoria while Cannabis does create euphoria when inhaled.

Hemp uses are abundant while Cannabis is mostly for medicinal and health purposes.

With industrial Hemp products on the rise, Hemp manufacturing is in extremely high demand.

We at Hemp Mentor understand the positive impact Hemp uses can do for the World and it’s the vision behind the company.

Hemp can literally reverse the current environmental damages if we as consumers use Hemp properly.

Hemp uses include:

  • Fuel
  • SuperFoods
  • Farm Feed
  • Synthetic Concrete or Hempcrete
  • Oils, Topicals, Omegas, Balms, Soaps
  • CBD Products
  • Protein Foods and the list goes on to around 25,000 hemp uses.

The mission at Hemp Mentor is to educate and create leaders to take the message to the masses, Hemp is real and it can change how we live today and for future generations.

Hemp is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry and growing bigger every day as more Hemp uses are discovered.

Health is huge with Hemp, my buddy Yudah created his brand Hemplade using Hemp and Dr. Sebi’s (check out the interview here).


The Hemp Paradigm Shift


We the people are becoming more aware of Hemp and the benefits it has to our bodies and Earth; As we consume it we are empowering the movement and fueling our bodies with superfoods.

The old stigma of Hemp being or having the same effects of Cannabis is fading away, still, it is very much alive; It’s up to use to do something about it.

When we consume Hemp and feel the effects, we will want to share the results and this breaks the stigma.

When people that trust you see the results you are getting it will question their beliefs and they may realize that they are missing out.

It’s important to share our consumption of Hemp and educate on our Hemp uses to reinforce that broken stigma to empower Hemp manufacturing.


Even if you don’t share with anyone that you’re consuming Hemp, by you being a consumer and creating profits in the Hemp market, you are supporting the Industry and promoting more Hemp growth.

Hemp uses are endless if you study the plant and know how to use it, you can literally incorporate Hemp in multiple areas.

For example, I use Hemp seeds in my meal replacements because of its amazing effects and use hemp shampoo.

I also use Hemp oil to make Hemp CBD capsules and that same oil can be used for salads or foods.

There is tremendous potential in Hemp manufacturing products. 


Why is it up to us to shift the Paradigm??


With the new age of social media and technology, one can become very connected with their community.

Even if you don’t have any media channels, we still live our daily lives; What we consume on a daily basis impacts the greater world around us for good or bad. 

The easiest example is fossil fuels which are responsible for most of our daily energy usage as well as plastics and nylons. 

Ever burned a nylon bag or a piece of plastic? How about standing next to the tailpipe of a car and inhaled that nasty heated carbon? 

The fact is that we are destroying everything giving to us by nature due to our addiction to fossil fuels. 

Now imagine replacing fossil fuels with Hemp Bio Fuels…

Hemp will not only be a cleaner alternative, it is also sustainable and the more we grow the cleaner our home, earth. 

Overall the manufacturing and uses of Hemp Manufacturing will impact how we leave earth. 

Going back to social media and the influence we give to others, if we become the example and incorporate industrial Hemp products to our daily lives basically live a Hemp lifestyle, then we become the example. 

This is not hippy talk, in fact, the Hemp Lifestyle is being conscious of our consumption and carbon footprint by using Hemp. 

Hemp manufacturing and consumption are keys to a greener Earth. 


The Hemp Lifestyle


If you can figure out how to use Hemp fuel and put it in your car then that’s great… although you can start in your own kitchen, office or even closet. 

Hemp clothing is extremely durable and even anti-microbial, replacing your cotton shirts with Hemp shirts is a start to living the Hemp lifestyle. 

Do you use pens in your office or school?

Well, you can replace them with Hemp pens and consume less petroleum made plastic.

This is a perfect example of increasing our Hemp usage. 

You might ask, “What difference does it make me replacing my plastic pens for 1 pack of Hemp pens” or “What difference do I make buying a few Hemp shirts?”

Well to be honest, you buying 1 Hemp shirt isn’t going to save the world; But it will create the demand for more Hemp growth which increases the Hemp usage in the market creating more crops which cleans Earth. It’s the perfect cycle.

Additionally, your friends may ask you about your shirt or jeans fabric since they haven’t seen it before or maybe even that lep top case; Now it’s your chance to be the mentor and educate about your industrial Hemp products and the impact you created by consuming it vs another material good. 

Again Not a Hippy


The Hemp lifestyle does not consist of consuming Cannabis, CBD nor attending Hemp events; Although those are great and I encourage going.

When I talk about the Hemp lifestyle, I’m talking about a way to live life.

Let’s say you are going to the gym and use whey protein to bulk up your muscle gains.

Well, part of the Hemp Lifestyle would be trying Hemp protein out, if you like it then you can commit to it as desired; If you don’t like the earthy taste of Hemp protein then you can keep your desired protein powder but definitely incorporate Hemp into your workout life. 

This can be with Hemp seeds, Hemp oil, Hemp CBD or even granola. I’m not saying to take something that you don’t like the taste but saying that there are ways to incorporate it and have a healthy Hemp Lifestyle.

Especially if you are a body trainer, I highly encourage you to look into the benefits of Hemp for health, especially the complete amino profile and omegas; After understanding the benefits, it will not make sense to not use Hemp lol

 There is a Difference…


The first thing you may notice is the pricing for industrial Hemp products are a lot higher than your average typical plastic, cotton or other mass-produced goods.

This, for now, is normal until Hemp takes over as it has before.

Due to all the legality issues, farms and manufacturers usually operate in small and not mass operations.

As the market grows, there will be more supply which would help bring Hemp goods prices down. 

Still, part of the Hemp lifestyle is acknowledging the extra cost and moving forward because you believe in Hemp usage and it’s good, leaving the extra costs irrelevant.

This is a vision of changing the world together as Hemp consumers. 

Sure it’s not easy and I’m constantly challenged by this but we must do our part to clean this planet and like we already reviewed and learned, the more we grow and consume our Hemp usage, the cleaner our planet. 


The Hemp Entrepreneur 


 This is all great news for the entrepreneur looking to create industrial Hemp products or Hemp manufacturing products for other companies. 

As we can see over and over Hemp usage is increasing as more people become aware. 

People don’t just increase Hemp usage overnight consciously, in my experience they first have to learn why or the effects. 

This can be seen with Hemp supplements which have been increasing in usage.

First, the market learns what industrial Hemp products can do for them and/or the impact it has on earth.

Then they start implementing it slowly and build the confidence in increasing their Hemp usage.

The biggest example of this has been with CBD oil, once used and experienced positive results.

Then the confidence is built to try out other industrial Hemp goods such as lotions, shampoo, foods, CBD and more. 




I do believe that it first starts with being a believer in Hemp by using the products and doing your research.

Then one becomes and an advocate once experienced the products working for them and learning about the plant and its history.

Finally, a very select ground get involved some way some how; Most times it’s working under a company or as an ambassador while others launch companies and social media channels. 

No matter how you got here, I welcome you to the industry; There is lots of work especially in Hemp Manufacturing and Industrial Hemp Products. 

Overall the industry is still very new after the 2014 Farm Bill so there is massive room for impact in different niches and Hemp usage. 




For example, you can do an e-commerce store with clothing, auto- parts, phone-covers, basically all industrial Hemp products. 

Another business possibility could be involved with services for existing farms or other Hemp manufacturing facilities. 

Services that help with facilitating day-to-day operations or organizational software would be a priceless asset, especially now as the industry scales. 

For example, since dispensaries are legal by state and not federally legal as I type this, there are merchant services that help facilitate purchasing Cannabis by providing a cash-less way of payment. 

Just like Leafly was started, by giving value to Cannabis users in learning about strains and where to find them, there are tremendous opportunities in the open ready to be claimed. 

The same will happen with Hemp and it’s the reason I stress that the time is now to get in and create impact.

One does not have to create industrial Hemp products or get involved with Hemp manufacturing to create impact, it can be software and services too. 

Remember this, it’s all about people; People create businesses. 

So be 100% authentic with connecting with the community, we are all part of a mission bigger than ourselves; This characteristic alone will separate you from most in the industry today and to come. 

Give value to the people you are pitching, make sure everyone on your team knows the importance of Hemp usage and living the Hemp lifestyle. 

Educate your team on different Hemp uses and the number of things that can be done with industrial Hemp products. 

If you have the funds or access to them then you can be the one creating the product to solve other’s needs. 

That can look like teaming up with developers and creating software for dispensaries or Hemp manufacturing facilities. 

It can also mean that you are the one creating the Hemp manufacturing facility and creating industrial Hemp products for the masses. 

The choice is yours on how deep you would like to pursue this industry, my suggestion is starting with baby-steps and working your way up. 

If you are serious of creating an impact in the industry and the world then please just get started.

The more one waits the harder it will be to flourish in the industry, the space is still small now and one can really get their name out their without necessarily being involved with CBD. 

Again if you don’t even know what you’re doing, then get a mentor or get your foot in the industry door like mentioned above and learn your way in. 

There is lots of value networking in the industry as well and that could be in person or even social media. 

Networking could also take place by teaming up with others in the Hemp community and creating events where one gets to learn on each others business and vision as well as support them.

What helps me is reminding myself to be valuable to the industry and that lead to this channel you are reading on now. 

Ethics are a huge part of this industry so don’t sell products you don’t believe in or take to make a quick buck, your reputation is not worth it. 




I know there is a lot in these posts including repetitions, I want this to stick to you and together make a difference.

My goal with this all is to create a tribe and change the industry and world.

Together let’s empower the Hemp lifestyle and encourage Hemp usage. 

Contact me for questions, concerns or networking.


  1. Hi!

    You’ve got a mistake in this article which you’ll want to correct, because you’re stating that hemp DOES create a high: “If you don’t already know the difference, Hemp does create high or euphoria while Cannabis does create euphoria when inhaled.”

    Furthermore, i dislike you spreading this “mainstream” confusion about Cannabis “versus” Hemp. It IS the SAME plant that’s able to make people high, cure them, produce fibre or healthy seeds!!! It just depends on how you select your seeds and grow your plants. Yes, it is true that Cannabis Sativa ssp. Indica under many ages has been developed and grown to be more on the joy-and-cure-side of the scale and that Cannabis Sativa ssp. Sativa has been developed to produce strong fibres, but you know as well as i do that modern “Medical Cannabis” strains mostly are a mixture of these two. Also, the healers of many centuries ago in Europe who used cannabis to treat their patients (until these healers got persecuted, tortured and killed by the church), had only ssp. Sativa to work with – and it worked for them.

    It is part of the Holiness of Cannabis Sativa that it is able to help mankind exactly where and as we need help, whether it is to sleep, laugh, forget, eat, dress, cure or create our environment. Please turn to a more “whole and holy” approach of this potential saviouress and healeress of mankind and Mother Earth!

    1. It is true that Hemp comes from Cannabis plant family, Hemp with usually under 1% THC and Higher CBD levels will not get you high; You might feel more relaxed due to Cannabinoids but nothing like activated Cannabis Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

      Cannabis only creates euphoria or high when THC is active, THCA converts to THC with heat producing euphoric effects.

      If you just eat Cannabis, you won’t really get high but you do get the raw Cannabinoids in your system which is healthy; Some people juice Cannabis buds and/or leafs for the health effects and no high.

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