Hemp Mentor field of dreams

My name is Jay Hernandez Founder of Hemp Mentor.

My intention with Hemp Mentor is to create a knowledge base for the Hemp & Cannabis Industry.

I’m mostly going to be educating on Hemp although Cannabis also plays a huge role in this Industry.


Why Hemp?

Hemp can make over 25,000 different products and may be able to resolve our petroleum and plastic conflicts.

Imagine a plant that disrupts industries such as petroleum, plastic, pharmaceuticals, steel, rubber, cotton, food, housing and many more; This plant is called Hemp.

I can see a huge wave coming with Hemp hitting the U.S. market.

Many countries such as China and Europe have been benefiting from Hemp for years, while the U.S. is late to the party.

It wasn’t until Barack Obama signed the “Farm Bill” in 2014 before leaving office that the Hemp market was reopened in the U.S.

The Farm Bill allowed CBD to be legally imported to the U.S. and sold as long as THC levels are under .03%.

The Farm Bill also opened the gate for individual states to vote and go through Pilot Programs to grow Hemp.

Today Hemp growth is legal in Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin, and more states.


Imagine a plant that can absorb 4x more carbon compared to any other plant while cleaning the soil and creating durable products; That is Hemp.

I truly believe that Hemp can save the world and that is why Hemp Mentor is my vision.

I can see Hemp incorporated into existing products and entrepreneurs creating empires from it, it’s already happening…


Right now as I type this, there are car and plane companies making their products from Hemp.

Yes, the car or plane is made from Hemp and it’s extremely durable.

In fact, BMW uses Hemp inside their car’s door panels.

Adidas has a shoe made from Hemp, the shoe is very durable and no it does not smell like weed lol.



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