Hemp Mentor with Hemplade
Hemp Mentor Interviewing Hemplade 🍁 (2017)

What is Hemplade?

Hemplade is a tea consisting of 9 different medicinal herbs with Hemp stalk and roots as its base ingredient.

In making the tea, Yudah followed Dr. Sebi’s list of Herbal Medicines and combined them to create Hemplade.

Dr. Sebi was a Holistic Doctor who cured many diseases said to be incurable such as Aids; Dr. Sebi was taken to the Supreme Court and he won the case after his healed patients served as evidence.

I’m a big fan of Hemplade, the ingredients are healthy and I love the taste; I also feel more relaxed when I drink the tea.

The recipe consists of “Electric Herbs” which are met to heal due to the herbs being alkaline.

This is similar to what Dr. Masaru Emoto said about “Hemp’s Vibration” and its power to clean.

Yudah said that the herbs are alive and that’s what makes these herbs so medicinal.

Yudah explained some of the process to make the tea and even some of the electro frequencies that happens in the kitchen due to the herbs being electric.

Hemplade’s bottle says that the tea may help cleanse the blood, promote iron and help with anti-inflammatory benefits; Yudah talks about the specific roots he promotes with his tea and what makes them unique.

I personally feel like the tea really chills me out.

I have also heard from Marijuana smokers that the tea served them as a perfect cold drink while medicating.

I think this previous statement may be due to the abundant Entourage effect when mixing 2 different sources of Cannabinoids (Cannabis & Hemp).

I personally could drink Hemplade all day and not get tired of the Hemp and ginger taste it provides.

Yudah also informed me that he’s coming out with a CBD tea blend which I very much look forward to trying.

Yudah thank you for getting Hemp to the people and keep pushing this movement forward.

Hemp Mentor approves Hemplade, you can check out the product line at Hemplade.com

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