Nikki Fried Hemp Legalization
Nikki Fried speaks on Hemp Legalization in Miami FL

Nikki Fried speaks on Hemp Legalization in Miami FL – the agricultural commissioner of Florida hosted a town hall meeting in Miami Dade College on 11/19/19.

I was invited by “The Florida Hemp Council” and it was perfect as the Florida Hemp Industry is flourishing yet we’ve had many hiccups, to say the least.

Topics Discussed

A few topics were discussed including gun control and healthier school lunches; Nikki then moved to speak on Florida Hemp Legalization which was discussed last as it was the subject most attendees were there for.

Needless to say that Nikki has huge plans for Hemp cultivation in Florida and agricultural education.

Passion Towards the Industry

Nikki Fried on Hemp Legalization showed extreme passion when it came to Florida growing Hemp crops and creating industrial bio-degradable products from the crops such as Hempcrete substituting concrete and bio-petroleum products substituting plastics.

It’s great the see that the Florida agricultural commissioner actually knows the potential of Hemp and what can be done with it.

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