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Before continuing get your Free copy of my Hemp e-book if you haven’t already, implement before expos. I know I’ve been inactive lately on the site but I want to get this quick update out on my trip this previous weekend (8/3-8/4/19) to the USA CBD Expo in Miami Beach Convention Center; I included pics of Hemp flower. (video by: the green lab)

Miami USA CBD EXPO Recap

I honestly did not know what to expect, it’s been a while since I didn’t attend one of the big events like this one; I mean I’ve attended Champs, Big Industry Show but this was a Hemp CBD expo open to business and public.

My dear friend kept telling me about it and I’m glad I attended.

This weekend was eye-opening for what’s coming in the industry and confirmation that everyone today is a CBD expert…

I tried talking to all the vendors I related to and grab a card (networking) learn of the products they are selling or making.

What did I see??

Mother Plant

Well, I saw a lot of what I’ve talked about in my Hemp e-book which made me realized I need to launch a 2.0 version (coming soon)… Everyone had a CBD company or was White-Labeling for those who want to have their own CBD brands.

The white-labeling model was very efficient in the beginning but with how easy the barriers of entry has become I believe regulations will be cracking down on those who can’t prove a “seed to sale” model; If and when this takes place, it will leave 60% of the companies that attended the show in the water unless they find a way around it.

There was a good 40% of the companies that already adopted the “seed to sale” model and are growing their own products in their farms or in partner’s farms. In my Free Hemp e-book I talk about how you can work in the industry as an entrepreneur without going through so many legal headaches.

It was easy to tell the companies that have already been in the game and new ones coming on board.

The easiest way was seeing the new ones solely trying to sell retail inventory at the show, while the ones that have more experience instead trying to network and provide their wholesale catalogs at the show (fishes vs. sharks).

It’s important to sell at the shows but the real returns are closing deals with the wholesale account connections made in the USA Hemp CBD expo or shows.

I saw a lot of familiar faces, some with new products others representing new companies; Rarely any doing the thing they were doing when I first met them, Yudah has been in the industry for awhile with Hemplade.


Some refer the Cannabis and Hemp Industry as “dog years” meaning that every year in equals to 7-years due to the rapid growth, changes and adaptability taking place.

Hemp Flower & Clones

Hemp Flower

I also saw Hemp Flower at the expo, alot of it.

There were vendors selling pounds of Hemp flower which left the general public in amuze as good Hemp flower smells and looks like Cannabis flower.

Since Hemp flower tends to be cheaper than Cannabis flower, there are people who buy the Hemp flower in bulk and sell it as Cannabis flower in the street; Hemp flower has little to no THC leaving the street buyers wondering why they are not getting inebriated.

This is one reason why I always recommend users to become medical patients.

There was this really cool Hemp genetics company from Colorado who came to the show full of Hemp Clones and a couple of Hemp Mother Plants.

USA CBD Expo Hemp Clones

These guys broke people’s necks with a table full of clones and huge mature mother plants.

The company was really legit and informative to the public.

I got to talk to the master grower who shared with me his story, like many others he went from growing underground to legally as the industry matured.

More Cool Stuff

Additionally, there were really cool companies in the space involving innovation, automation and technology.

CBD bottle Filler

From grow to sale automation services to removal of pesticides in concentrates using crazy machinery; There were also merchant service companies and legal firms.

My favorite products were the Hemp clones, Hemp flower, Dabs/Concentrates, Terpenes and Canna-dips (no tobacco).


Still I found cool membership services for testing, buy/sell marketplaces, formulation and more.

Mother Plant to make clones from

I was excited to see some tobacco cigar companies attend the event as they can see the Hemp wave moving forward at the CBD expo.

Finally, I saw more vape manufactures and resellers more than what I’ve see in previous events.

Cannabis compliant packaging and branding companies were also there, still I don’t think I saw one packaging company making their products from Hemp (opportunity)…

Best Marketing

I saw two companies really go all out using positioning as their marketing.

Those two were Ignite by Dan Bilzerian and Bang Energy.

These companies probably had the largest real estate in the event and using influencers and pretty dressed girls to bring people to their booths.

Bang had their own stage where the girls danced and gave out free samples. Ignite had the pretty girls too as well as Dan Bilzerian and Vitaly (each with 20 Million+ following).

Dan and Vitaly were there for little time, they posted on their medias and left; Still this brought in people to Ignite’s booth.

Budget Marketing

Some smaller companies brought in people to their booths with proper positioning such as the ones mentioned previously with the plant clones and the one with pounds of Hemp flower inside the USA CBD expo.

Pounds of Flower at Hemp CBD Expo

I was honestly attracted to these more as since they are smaller they are easier to work with; Also I wasn’t there for the hype or to see pretty girls dance, I was there to see the industry and consumers reactions to products.

Don’t get me wrong, “sex-sells” and it’s huge in marketing, other smaller companies were also using models to attract consumers and it works; The company Futurola is a great example of this.

Some independent sales reps and business owners took the approach I took and just showed up to network with the companies desired.

What didn’t I see??

At the USA CBD expo, I didn’t see enough companies like Evo-Hemp which does healthy protein power bars and superfoods.

There were companies that just added Hemp or CBD to an existing product then rebranded the name or products with conservatives and not natural stuff.

If you’re reading this and you create the concept, email me to help you grow it.

I didn’t see Hemp food or Hemp product packing companies.

Nor I saw 1 Hempcrete company there sharing what they did.

These concepts are still not 100% known to the public, instead people are becoming CBD experts which the market already has more than enough already.

I’d like to see companies in the Hemp biofuels or Hempcrete space to come to these events, remember these shows are more to network and then monetize your connections… not show sales, although those are great too.

Connect with me if you have a similar concept you’re building.

T-Shirt Hack

Also on Sunday I implemented what I wrote in my Hemp e-book to wear your company shirts to these events with your social-media/website.

Doing this not only became an opener when connecting with people at the USA CBD expo, it also got engagement on @HempMentor ‘s instagram.

I didn’t see companies marketing properly, I mean you pay for a booth, samples, employees, travel and not invest in good marketing?

Marketing is half the battle lol.

What’s good marketing?

Hemp CBD flower in expo

Well you can go more in-depth by getting my Free Hemp e-book here.

For now just know that proper marketing and positioning is half the battle, if you want repeat customers and long-term growth then you also need a quality product.

Again “sex-sells” so pretty girls help, you want some in the booth, some right outside bringing people in and some roaming the event passing flyers like “Come to booth for FREE sample” and lines to guys like “come see me at booth xyz”.

It’s important to have a few sales guys inside the booth as well to educate and network with prospects for show-sales or follow-up sales; This way the girls bring in the prospects and the guys closes them.

Girls can also talk to other girls more naturally when approaching so prospect can feel comfortable, men or female.

You’re going to have to invest in samples for the show, it’s an expense… you want attention.

I know not everyone would want to take on the approach above, so here’s a second one which I talk about deeply in my Hemp e-book.

Do a give-a-way!

The simplest example is getting a large container you can pour a lot of paper splits in; Also getting already done slips of papers or you can do it yourself in excel or Google sheets with name, number/email etc… then collect peoples info and let them know the time of the giveaway.

You can record it live on your Instagram or Facebook Fanpage so people can see it’s live and not staged.

Combining both approaches well is key!!


There’s tons of oppourtunity in the industry, you just gotta think outside of what everyone is doing to stand out.

If Hemp Mentor could help you along the journey, please reach out in conact form.

Also get your Free Hemp ebook if you haven’t already.

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